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This site is designed to promote self-education about homeopathy and the complete medical system of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Here you will have access to the extensive research and study material used by students at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, called ‘The Dynamic Legacy: From Homeopathy to Heilkunst’.

You also have the option to be guided by a personal tutor in your studies and to obtain a practitioner diploma from the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst, either in Sequential Treatment (DST) or the more advanced Diploma in Homeopathy and Heilkunst (DHHP).

Dynamic Legacy online

Visiting to read the Dynamic Legacy?

Rather than clicking ‘homeopathiceducation.com’ below and using this site (the somewhat limited search function is accessed from the ‘Home’ link on ‘Book One’…), you can instead search and read the entire Dynamic Legacy document, simply by downloading it as a fully-searchable PDF.

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